VISUAL Expert agency

We offer visual communication consulting
where we are able to make your brand the fireworks of the town


DUENDE  / do͞oˈendā / noun

a quality of passion and inspiration.


As a visual expert and a creative company, we dive into our passion to find countless ways of turning a complicated form of contents into appealing visuals and compelling messages that allow your brand to sparks, as well as becoming an inspiration to the curious minds

Passionate in what we do

We always believe in the power of Brands and their value. We are aware that a powerful brand has the ability to develop trust, loyalties, and confidence in consumers.
We are always eager to help businesses to build their desired Brands through consulting and services that we provide.


Brand Development

One of our main expertise is the ability to help new businesses create their brand, or for existing businesses that needs refining their identity and brand collaterals.

Graphic & Production

Another expertise of Duende is visual development and print production. This include creating promotional collateral, annual report, premium merchandise production, and printing production. 

Web & App

In this dynamic era, Brands need to keep their digital presence established and adaptive. Duende is here to help them create stunning digital identity with excellence user experience.

Social Media

To attract more customers, Brands now need to penetrate into social media marketing. From strategy, content creations, to media placements, Duende is here to help Brands get the attentions of their target audience.


A little of our showcase

What we've done over the years of our creative adventure.