Mandom Indonesia

Mandom is a “Human - Oriented” Company.

Guided by our original concepts of health, cleanliness & beauty, Mandom reach boldly beyond the norm to bring wonder & inspiration to people’s everyday lives.

While striving to be of benefit to consumers worldwide, Mandom seek to evolve in order to remain a company that is valuable for society.

What is the significance of Mandomʼs Corporate Mission?

A central pillar to their current mission is Dedication to Service (Oyakudachi) for consumers. To Mandom, “Oyakudachi” is the concept of identifying needs of people from across the globe, not just the established or the opinion-leaders, in their daily lives, not just during special moments. Mandom hope to provide value which is “Something New” or “Something Different” based on solid technology and a stylish, fun concept. We hope that our products will help consumers from around the world to feel a little bit of magic, to feel positive and cheerful, through cleaning their body,

Annual Report Mandom 2017.jpg

Annual Report 2017-2018

The Company has a main business segment, namely cosmetics. Information on cosmetic products used for the purpose of management report in the financial statements is divided into hair care products, skin care & cosmetics products, fragrance products, etc.